A Caring Attorney Committed to Successful Adoptions

Lyman Belnap is a prominent Treasure Valley attorney with almost four decades of public and private service. His expansive career and passion for helping forming families dovetail perfectly with guiding both pregnant mothers and adopting parents.


Mr. Belnap specializes in independent, and agency identified and traditional agency adoptions. His extensive experience in interstate placements makes him an asset to both local and geographically distant parties and opens opportunities to adoptive parents and birth mothers that would not otherwise exist.


Mr. Belnap balances a caring approach with a unique perspective in family law and adoption matters. His approach affords comfort and confidence to families on both sides of the process. Mr. Belnap makes himself personally available to the parties he helps so that no one needlessly wonders what to expect or what’s happening.


Helping You Understand Your Options

A good attorney is there to empower and advocate for clients so that they understand options and make good decisions. While respected for his sensitivity, compassion and seamless support, Lyman Belnap’s mandate is to provide candid assessments to everyone involved in the adoption process. Whether addressing risks and rewards, personal goals, or legal implications, Mr. Belnap brings a blend of professionalism, personal care, and adept case management to facilitate the process.


Which Type of Adoption is Right For You?

When adoptive parents, pregnant mothers, and agencies begin to work together, it’s not always clear which type of adoption will occur. Just making the decision to adopt is often as far as folks get. And this is when the expert counsel of an adoption attorney is critical. It’s important to plan for either open communication after the birth of the child or opting for a closed adoption, where the birth mother will not have access to the child or adoptive parents postpartum. There are plenty of good reasons for selecting an open, semi-closed, or closed adoption. Understanding the differences inherent in each is key.


Primary options for adoption ‘styles’ include Independent, Agency Identified and Traditional Agency. In independent adoptions, birth mothers choose adoptive parents she already knows. In such cases, siblings, aunts, uncles and others close to the mother decide to adopt the baby. In agency identified adoptions, birth mothers work directly with a licensed agency, and she chooses the adoptive parents. In these cases, the adoptive parents may be known or unknown to her. In traditional agency adoptions, the birth mother relinquishes her rights to the adoption agency and has no knowledge of the adoptive parents.


Ready to Take the Next Step? Contact Attorney Lyman Belnap.

If you’re pregnant and wish to place your baby, or are ready to adopt a child, you’ll need assistance navigating the obstacles, paperwork and hidden intricacies. Given the nature of the undertaking, everyone involved deserves special attention, and you deserve an attorney who will succinctly support and advise you through every step of the process. The decision to adopt is as critical a decision as they come, so please contact our offices for a free consultation. Mr. Belnap will listen to you and evaluate the particulars of your case and advise recommended approaches. If you’re ready to make a move, Lyman Belnap is willing to help get you there.